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After a nice day of sight seeing in the tallest building of New York, you find yourself stuck at the highest floor due to a malfuction in the building's elevator system. Your only way out is to go down each and every floor until you reach the exit. There's only one thing blocking your progress though, or rather, many many doors. As your patience starts to waver, you start feeling a small sense of rage growing after going down many sections of complex floor designs. Now the only thing you care about is getting out, even if it means kicking down every single door in your way.

Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Spacebar to kick doors.

Doors will bounce off of main player and doors will automatically lock into hinges. Reach the stairs to get to the next level!

Created by:

Adam Liang, Andrew Cualing, Erik Miller, Richard Gillis

Music by:

Nils - Relix

Raez - Hologram Jinn

Public Github Page: https://github.com/AdamYLiang/teamdc

Install instructions

Unzip, go into the folder and run the exe file!


OnTheWayOut.zip 28 MB